ADNAN OKTAR: One must treat all ideas and opinions with love and affection... This country belongs to us all, so let us be as one. Let those who want to be atheists, be atheists, and let those who want to be devout, be devout.  The Jews are our precious brothers, let them go and worship in their synagogues. We can break our fasts with them, go and eat with them, visit their homes. These are not the things that would make anyone uneasy.

ADNAN OKTAR: The European Union's conception of art, its conception of modernity, and its spirit of union and unity are very excellent. Its progressive aspect that attaches due importance to science and technology is very excellent. But its views concerning the faith, Islam, and even concerning Christianity and Judaism, are most ruthless and incompatible with a democratic way of thinking. A Jew should be free to live according to his faith in schools, and free in official institutions. And the same goes for a Christian or a Jew. The pressure on religion must be lifted entirely. That is where the fundamental error of the EU lies.

(November 2, 2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: The Turkish-Islamic Union I describe is based on love and far removed from any racism or pretensions to grandeur. Greatness belongs to Allah (God), and we are His servants. Mine is a concept that loves all nations, that protects them, that embraces Christians and Jews and that desperately wants to include them in the Turkish-Islamic Union. It was not like that before. There was the claim of Turkish Union. It somehow harboured racism. That was more about being the greatest, strongest race, and thus it could lead to a rationale claiming that other races were nothing. But this is nothing of that kind. Allah creates all races. They are all our brothers. Russia will enjoy prosperity within the Turkish-Islamic Union. We want Armenia to join the Turkish-Islamic Union. We want Georgia to join. We even want Israel to join the Turkish-Islamic Union. We have many Turkish brethren among the Crimean Jews. Even if they are not Turks, they are the children of the Prophet Moses (pbuh), the children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), descended from the prophets. We love them dearly, insha'Allah. So long as they have a fervent love of Allah, take care over what is lawful and unlawful and continue to love and respect the prophets and the angels. So long as they are like that, there can be no distinction among us, insha'Allah. 

(April 23, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: I have always felt love and affection for Christians and Jews. One can go and dine with them, visit their homes and always enjoy close, friendly relations with those of them who are genuine, with sincere Christians and Jews. 

Adnan Oktar:  I have never been an anti-Semite. The Jews are a holy race descended from the prophets. They are a people descended from the prophets Abraham, Joseph and Ishaq (peace be upon them all). And I have always had a profound love and enthusiasm for the Jews, and a desire to protect them. I reject and wage an intellectual struggle against the enmity and opposition toward them. It is the atheist zionists I am opposed to. That is; irreligious, atheist zionists. That is the idea I am struggling against, that and all its actions and ideology. But my love for devout Jews is plain for all to see and I show it all the time. I also feel the same fierce love toward devout Christians. The fact they love Allah and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and all the prophets is an excellent thing.

(September 23, 2008)

Adnan Oktar:  Freemasonry by itself is a satanic religion. Everything stems from freemasonry. Judaism...They are the People of the Books; one can marry them, eat their food, eat meat they have prepared, greet them and do business with them, and we love them very much. A Muslim can never have a problem with the Jews. On the contrary he is friends with them. But the real problem is the atheist zionists. They are the worst danger. They control and are controlled by the freemasons. Satan has locked these two systems both together. This is an indivisible force. It is the atheist rulers who are currently inflicting suffering on the Jews in Israel. For example, we wanted to hold an anti-Darwinist conference in Israel, one that would be critical of Darwinism, but the atheist zionists prevented us. What does that mean? We would have said, 'Allah created the universe.' They say, 'No. That is wrong. Allah did not create it, chance did.' They say that chance and atoms are divine, that atoms created. We wanted to demolish that argument. But the atheist zionists did not let us. That means these people are opposed to both Jews and Muslims. That is why what Muslims must do is to struggle against freemasonry and atheist zionism. But it is very important to distinguish devout Jews and treat them with love and affection. In other words, it would be very wrong to confuse the two.

Adnan Oktar: Turkey is not something that can be swallowed up. It is too big. It will stick in anyone's throat. The Turkish nation is very devout. They have been trying to tear the Turkish nation down for the last 150 years. But the nation is literally made of granite and, by Allah's leave, cannot be budged. The Orthodox are trying to do this, and let them. Or let the Armenians. They are our brothers. This is not something that can make us Muslims uneasy, because this is not a communist, Darwinist movement. Let the Jews open synagogues. Let the Armenians build places of worship, or the Orthodox, the Catholics or all of them. Turkey is a monument from the Ottoman Empire. 

(April 30, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: I of course favor religion and politics being kept separate. That is my view, and I support people being told of and living by Islam within a secular system. I think that everyone can be at peace in that way. Because there are atheists in society, as well as Jews and Christians. They all have rights and they are all first-class citizens. There are also different Islamic sects. There are Alawites, for instance, and Jafaris. But they are all our brothers. We love them all and cannot bear to see them wronged in any way. I regard them all, Alawite or Jaferite, as one, as my brothers. Then there are the People of the Book as described in the Qur'an. But they are also our friends and brothers in the Qur'an. They also have rights. We must also live with them in ties of friendship and love.

(August 5, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: ... Love and affection toward a genuine Christian or a genuine Jew is of the greatest importance. They are entrusted to us by Allah, and they believe in the same Allah. They love the same prophets. A spirit of affection toward them is most important. There are some people who look at them with hatred and ambition. That is incompatible with the Qur'an. It is incompatible with the Sunnah of our Prophet (may Allah blesss him and grant him peace). Jews lived very comfortably in the time of our Prophet (may Allah blesss him and grant him peace). Christians were also very comfortable. Our Prophet (may Allah blesss him and grant him peace) even had a Christian concubine. Looking at them with hatred and ambition would be very very wrong. One can eat their food. One can marry those people's daughters. One can go to their homes and stay overnight. One can talk to them. They are also servants created by Allah. Allah has created them like that in destiny. The honest thing is for Muslims to love one another and be completely sincere. 

(August 6, 2007)

AL JAZEERA: Zionism?

ADNAN OKTAR: And that also applies to zionism. Of course I will strive against any ideology that seeks to rule the world, that rejects other faiths, that pretends to the dominion of a single religion and that rejects other people. 
ADNAN OKTAR: But if a person makes no such claim, then I have nothing against them. The Jews are the People of the Book. They must be able to live by their own faith and to live as they wish in their own country.  I respect that. But if they say: "That is not enough. I want to rule the whole world and eliminate all religions so that only I am left," then I utterly reject that.

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course I feel affection for the People of the Book. I love Christians and Jews. Muslims protected the People of the Book in the time of our Prophet (may Allah blesss him and grant him peace).  There is no enmity toward the People of the Book in Islam. Their rights are to be protected and they can live at ease in their country. They can worship as they wish. But if they assume an aggressive attitude, then Muslims will defend themselves. But there can be no hatred toward the People of the Book if they worship in their own way.  

Al Jazeera: Do you hate Israel?

ADNAN OKTAR: There is no question of my hating Israel. They are a People of the Book, whom Allah created in that form. Allah says in the Qur'an that the Jews exist. Such a people do exist, and it is perfectly normal for them to live in Israel, and they can certainly live there. 

ADNAN OKTAR: We cannot do anything that the Qur'an does not say or that our Prophet (may Allah blesss him and grant him peace) did not do. If something exists in the Qur'an or if our Prophet (may Allah blesss him and grant him peace) says something, then we do it. But since the Qur'an does not say such a thing, since the Qur'an gives the People of the Book such a right, we have an obligation to behave in the same way.  

(November 17,  2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: Muslims are in any case secular. They have a secular mindset because the advantage of laicism is that there will no hypocrites in society. Atheists will openly say they are atheists and Christians will say they are Christians. If someone is a Jew, he will say he is a Jew. Laicism is therefore a comfort for Muslims. I therefore support the idea of the secular system. 

ADNAN OKTAR: For one thing, the fact that there are Christians and Muslims in the world is a great blessing for Muslims. For there need not have been any. They could have been atheists, irreligious people. But Allah bestowed the blessing of faith on them, and Christians feel a deep love for the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Jews for the Prophet Moses (pbuh). These faiths have been corrupted, of course, and the Qur'an has told the members of those faiths of the deficiencies stemming from these distortions.   The gaps and deficiencies in Christianity and Judaism are revealed in the Qur'an. Therefore, Christians are our brothers for they are of the old religion of Islam. We must treat them with love and affection. We must avoid any behavior that might exclude them. We must struggle shoulder to shoulder with them against Darwinism and atheism.

(November 9,  2008)

ADNAN OKTAR:  The solution to the Israel-Palestine problem is obviously and evidently the Turkish-Islamic Union. When a great Turkish-Islamic Union supported by the Turkic states and led by Turkey is formed, the result will be a super power, a superb security umbrella. Both Israel and Palestine will be at ease under such a security umbrella and the problem will be completely resolved. Those walls built for security purposes will come down. Because Israel is a prison at the moment. It is a prison for the Palestinians and a prison for Israel. That will disappear and everyone will live in peace and well-being. 

But atheist zionists in Israel have currently infiltrated right into the state. In other words, the Israeli deep state is made up of atheist zionists. And that gives rise to corruption and chaos...Because the real problem stems from the atheist zionists. There would be no problem if there were devout Jews there.

(August 19, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: One that is devout, fears Allah and acts rationally and logically, that is the kind of nation that Allah makes the standard bearer of Islam. That is the kind of nation to which Allah has given the task of disseminating Islam, insha'Allah. That was how it was in Ottoman times; in other words everyone who says he is Turkish, is Turkish. Looked at like that, for instance, I am a sayyid, a descendant of the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), but I am pure Turk. A genuine Turk. Because Allah has taken this nation, everyone who says he is Turkish, under a kind of spiritual influence, a nation that lives by such exemplary moral values, a nation that so lives by Islam. Ask anyone in the Islamic world. Ask who best lives according to Islam. They will say the Turks.  It is the Turks who live most rationally, most justly and most consistently. They are very clean, immaculate. There is complete agreement. Everyone says Turkey should be the leader. Everyone in the Turkic world and the Islamic world says that. A great part of the Turkic world is in any case Muslim, but Christians are also our brothers. The Jews are also our brothers. Armenians and Georgians are all our brothers. Because they are all people we embraced within the community of Ottoman nations and who served the Ottoman Empire and Turkishness. They are people who served Islam and the Qur'an. For example, the best craftsmen and artists came from the Armenians. From the Greeks. Jewish scientists, Jewish artists, gave great good service and worked in the palaces. But then this corruption was stirred up. Using the corruption or racism the freemasons came up with a treacherous ruse to give the impression there was a terrible hatred. That idea was thus installed in people's heads when a Greek or Armenian was mentioned. For example, those immaculate people have become reluctant to say they are Greek or Armenian or Jewish. And that is a masonic tactic.  Yet the People of the Book are our brothers. They love the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). They love Ishmael, and Isaac and Jacob (peace be upon them all). They believe in the one Allah. We love the same prophets. We love the same angels... Allah describes them as the People of the Book in the Qur'an. So this hatred and enmity must all be done away with. Israel will be as free as possible. Armenia will be free.

Adnan Oktar: They will do nothing cunning, but will speak openly. Someone will say he is an atheist and behave accordingly. And you can be friends of talk to him because you know where you stand, there is nothing underhand. There are no games or deceit. Laicism is very valuable as it does away with hypocrisy. It was applied in the Ottoman Empire. It is a very important policy that needs to be adopted from now on. Because under laicism, Armenians will be at ease, and Jews, and Protestants, and the Orthodox and Catholics and everyone. For that reason, Islam is not something built on the comfort of Muslims alone. The People of the Book will also live at ease, and polytheists, because they are all attached importance. They, too, must be protected. Allah tells us in one verse to accompany them until they reach safety. Allah says to go by their side and protect them. Allah tells us even to protect polytheists and pagans.  To protect them is a Muslim's duty. Laicism is essential if they are all to be first-class citizens. What is there to argue about that? That is in any case what Islam requires.

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