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The history of mankind could be considered as a history of prophets. God has communicated His Divine Revelation to people by means of His messengers throughout history. These messengers told people about their Lord and communicated to them the words of their Creator.

The struggle a number of prophets faced in spreading the message is depicted in detail in the Qur'an. The hardships they faced, the solutions they brought and the exemplary behaviour are all clearly outlined. God communicates what His messengers endured as an example for people, for their struggle and good character are also applicable for the people of today.

In the Qur'an, the stories and experiences of various prophets, besides the Prophet Muhammad (saas), such as the Prophet 'Isa (Jesus), Sulayman (Solomon), Yusuf (Joseph), Nuh (Noah), Ibrahim (Abraham), and many others (peace be upon them all), are conveyed as examples. For instance, there are numerous lessons for us in the righteous conduct of the Prophet Yusuf, as well as sagacious insight about human and social psychology in Yusuf's relation with his brothers, his being thrown into a well by them, his being sold into slavery, his being thrown into prison while a slave in the King's palace because of wrongful accusations, and his being placed in authority over the state treasury.

There is indeed an important example for us in the Prophet Ibrahim, who is mentioned by God in the Qur'an as "…a great example for you…," for his conscientiousness and clemency, and for putting his trust in God and his turning towards God when he was being cast into the fire.

The prophet that is most frequently employed as an example in the Qur'an is the Prophet Musa (Moses) (as). Musa's name is referred to in 34 different suras (chapters). We can find extensive information about the life of Musa in three of the largest suras (al-A'raf, Ta Ha, and al-Qasas). All these suras and verses offer detailed accounts of his difficulties with Pharaoh, beginning in his childhood, the evil conduct of his people and his struggle in communicating the message to them. His unyielding courage under the most stringent circumstances is presented with the intention of being an example to people.

In this book we will examine the life of Musa as it is depicted in the Qur'an. We will explore the events he has lived through as it is described. Essentially, the events in the Prophet Musa's life should not be regarded merely as events of the ancient past, but rather as events and examples to shed light to our own lives today.

- Sovereignty Of Pharaoh In Egypt And The Condition Of The Children Of Israel
- Birth Of Musa (As)
- Musa (As) Flees From Egypt
- Fleeing Into The Country Of Midian And His Settlement There
- Arrival At The Valley Of Tuwa And The First Revelation
- God's Discourse With Musa(As)
- Musa (As) Requests Harun (As) As A Companion
- The Story Of Musa (As) And The Mystery Of Destiny
- Conveying The Message To Pharaoh And The Proper Manner In Which It Was To Be Done
- The Corrupted Reasoning Of Pharaoh
- Titles Of Egyptian Rulers In The Qur'an
- The Struggle Of Musa (As) Against The Magicians
- Magicians Embrace Faith
- A Man Of Faith And The Palace
- The Ingratitude Of The Children Of Israel
- The Period Of Disasters And The Folly Of Pharaoh
- Exodus From Egypt And The Drowning Of Pharaoh In The Sea
- The Arrogance Of Qarun And His Punishment
- The Tribe Of Musa (As) Strays And Worships The Golden Calf
- Perverse Conduct Of The Jewish Tribe
- Musa (As) And A Learned Man
- Conclusion

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