People all over the world are currently facing problems of various kinds. Let us briefly consider the situation the world finds itself in: The worldwide activities of ideologies which take atheism as their main principle, social degeneration, moral collapse, poverty, hunger, spiritual emptiness, illegal activities, killings, conflict, war ... etc. There can be no doubt that these evils are rapidly dragging the world to the brink of a material and spiritual collapse. These atheist-materialist, destructive and damaging ideologies pose a threat to life in this world and the hereafter.

The greatest nonsense put forward by those who deny the existence of God is the claim that everything, living and non-living, came about as the result of chance. In order to overturn this superstition that these people are trying to spread, we need to examine the evidence for creation all around us in the light of modern science and then tell others about it. People of good conscience who thus clearly see the magnificent structures and perfect design in living things and millions of sensitive balances around us will realise that these could not have occurred by chance, but that everything was created by God, the Lord of Infinite Might. That will thus destroy the idea of 'chance' which the deniers are attempting to propagate.

The task falling to sincere Jews, Christians and Muslims who possess belief, conscience and common sense is to wage a joint struggle against wickedness and those who engage in it, assist each other, and act together in unison. That unity must take the principles of love, respect, compassion, understanding, harmony and cooperation as its foundations. The urgency of the situation needs to be borne in mind, and anything leading to arguments, quarrels and division must be scrupulously avoided. That is because one of the main aims of each of the revealed religions is for people to live together in peace, security and happiness, and everything that works against that aim is an error in the eyes of each of those religions.


ARTICLE 5.1: Muslims and the Peoples of the Book Must Join Forces to Explain the Fact of Creation

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